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The Sinking World of Andreas Franke

These sunken galleries and surreal photographs are truly remarkable.They develop the aesthetic of the ‘ocean patina’ where the work of ocean and artist combine to produce an effect that recognizes life on a blue planet.



This site is for anybody interested in exploring the sociality of life on a blue planet. It aims to document social life in a way that can be likened to Sir David Attenborough with cultural spectacles on!

The site includes terraqueous pleasures, like the undersea sculpture museums of deCaires Taylor in Grenada and Cancun, the city of Dubai, the ‘Sinking World’ of Andreas Franke, the art-in-motion of Forlane 6, mermaids of the 21st Century, Undersea Hotels and more.

It also includes the increasingly troubling world of Aquaria and the explorations of undersea permanent habitats.

I welcome your contribution to the site in whatever undersea venture you pursue.