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Timely visit? Attenborough to return to document the Great Barrier Reef

As the Barrier Reef in Far North Queensland continues to come under controversy through mining and port activity in the adjacent areas, it seems timely, perhaps not unintended, that Sir David Attenborough is set to return to make a three, one-hour documentary on the Barrier Reef with the BBC. 

“As I entered the water I remember suddenly seeing these amazing multi-coloured species living in communities – just astounding and unforgettable beauty. So I’m very excited to be returning to the reef with all the latest technology and science to see one of the most important places on the planet in a whole new way” (David Attenborough on the Great Barrier Reef). 

Is this what scientists strongly opposed to the current activities need to increase awareness of the unique and inherent value of the worlds largest reef system? Further details at: 


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